Direct Marketing

Consumers have more choices that any time in history. Entire categories are jammed with me-too and lookalike products. How do you make your brand stand out amongst the clutter? How do you attract the mindshare, and ultimately the wallet share of your consumers? The key is to make your offer not only attractive, but relevant to each individual customer. At Fusion we’re using technology to speak relevantly and personally to an audience of one to help you achieve relevance at a very low cost.

Cross Media

Direct Marketing now goes beyond the mail piece. “Cross Media” leverages the ease and power of the web and email to keep the dialog with your customers going. It enriches the user experience and speaks directly and personally to the individual. Take advantage of the many types of media– from print to electronic mail to personalized URL’s “pURLs” - so that your audience can hear from you when and how they want to hear from you! We’ll show you how to make use of your customer data to create highly relevant offers that speak directly to your customer. At Fusion, we offer:

  • Integrated marketing Campaigns
  • Direct Mail, email and pURLs
  • Relevant Messaging
  • Segmentation of Data
  • 1:1 Marketing
  • Variable Data Print
  • Personalization
Self-Opening Video Email Campaigns "V-Wizard"

Fusion now offers an exciting new technology called V-Wizard.

V-wizard is an on-line video Sales, Marketing, Training, Recruiting or Educational tool that takes video, audio and PowerPoint presentations and integrates them into a dynamic communications vehicle. Now you have the power of the internet to talk directly to your customers, prospects or employees with an auto play video email, rather than waiting for them to come to you.

Your recipient is immediately engaged without having to read a text message that many times is either immediately deleted or sent to junk mail. This video email communication radically improves the user experience, by breaking down barriers of what is considered the old text communications process.

You may have seen video on Web sites, but V-Wizard pushes the message directly to your audience in an email video.

Other advantages of V-Wizard:

  • View Rates 50-100% higher than text emails
  • Twice the numbers of calls-to-action
  • Viral Marketing is achieved with a forwarding component, increasing distribution and growth
  • Power to track and segment data such as "who" viewed, "how long" viewed and "who/when forwarded"
  • And MANY MORE advanced features

With V-Wizard, you now have the unprecedented ability to track your communications and quickly seize the opportunity for follow-up and achieve your sales or marketing objective.

Campaign Reporting and Dashboards

Watch your results in real-time, so your campaigns can be tweaked for effectiveness. No longer do you need to mail and hope your messaging is correct or your offer compelling enough. With our real-time reporting and executive dashboards, you’ll know what your open rate is, and your customer acquisition rate, and customer acquisition costs. Fusion’s stable of technology experts through our alliances lets you to take advantage of some of the most powerful software available, without the expense.

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