Colleges and Universities

Competition for students among universities and colleges is fierce. We can make your school stand out to prospective students AND can encourage them to select your school once they are accepted. Fusion does this with tried and true marketing campaigns that reach out to prospective students and speak to them individually about their interests and your school. If you want to:

  • Encourage Students to apply
  • Answer website inquiries with a personal note, postcard or brochure
  • Show the value of your school and its “match” for the student’s area of interest
  • Ensure your school is selected (once applied and accepted)

Fusion has a program for you. Using our experience and state of the art technology, we make it easy for you to reach out to students and draw them in. Let us show you the many ways you can reach out and get personal with students. Schedule a meeting with Fusion today!

Alumni Associations

Alumni groups are always looking for fresh new ideas for raising money. And today more than ever, they’re under pressure to perform.

Personalized marketing campaigns draw your audience in and invite them to get involved. We’ll show you engaging campaigns that have enjoyed tremendous success at a very affordable price. Using data about the recipient, such as year graduated, degree earned, etc. Fusion can produce very affordable campaigns that reach out and touch each and every person on your list. [See also Associations and Member Organizations]

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