Business Imperatives are just that: Imperative. At Fusion, we understand and appreciate what it takes for businesses to flourish. Whether you’re trying to grow your sales or improve bottom line results, Fusion has a solution for you. From powerful marketing campaigns providing customer intelligence and data mining, to business improvement and profitability programs, Fusion has answers for your most important business challenges:

Improving Customer Retention

Customers can be fickle. They have come to expect price discounts and too-good-to-be-true offers. When customers respond to these offers and switch providers (aka phone services, for instance) this creates “churn” in your customer base. It also means you need to attract new customers to make up for the churn, increasing your customer acquisition costs. One of the best ways to reduce churn and create a more loyal following for your product or service is to engage your customers on a frequent basis, reminding them of why they enjoy doing business with you. Loyalty Campaigns from Fusion are designed for just this purpose. Using the medium of your choice (direct mail, email, or cross media) Fusion can show you ready-made campaigns designed to keep your name and customer value front and center, improving loyalty and reducing churn.

Sell More Product

Cross sell. Upsell. Transpromotional Marketing.

If you’re a business owner or are responsible for marketing, these are buzzwords you live with every day. The bottom line is, your customer base is valuable. If you have multiple products or services, you want to leverage that customer base and sell more product. You can do this with Fusion’s affordable cross sell and upsell campaigns that can be customized for your business. Campaigns can be a direct mail or email campaign, or a considerably more powerful cross media, with multiple “touches” to be sure your message gets heard. In fact, ask us for a proven comparison of costs and ROI for a single vs. cross media approach. Transpromo marketing campaigns allow you to leverage the valuable real estate on statements and invoices, placing a personalized message on the document that will resonate with your target audience. Fusion has alliances with some of the most innovative and experienced partners in the industry to bring you affordable, relevant solutions for your sales improvement initiatives.

Gain Market Share

In mature markets where there are many competitors and parody among products and services, gaining market share means acquiring customers from your competition. We’ll help you do that by differentiating you and your message, and by creating compelling offers with strong calls to action. Fusion also has an arsenal of fresh new ideas that will make you clearly stand out among the competition.

Enter New Markets

When you decide to roll out your offering to a new market, the best approach is to identify your market and target audience, and to approach them quickly with a powerful message and offer. But where do you find your new customers? Fusion has segmentation and data experts that can help you refine your target audience by demographic and psychographic criteria, producing a list that you can use with confidence. And of course we’ll help you create, launch and measure your direct marketing campaign.

Improve Profitability

When we help you save money, resources and time, the result is improved profitability. We look at your costs and processes and define areas where you can achieve greater efficiencies such as:

  • Higher cash conversion efficiency (CCE) ratio
  • Reduced days outstanding (DSO)
  • Increased cash flow
  • Reduced cost of billing
  • Reduced recurring expenses

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