Not-for-Profits and Associations

If you’re an NPO, you have a business imperative to raise money. Fusion has many ways to cut through donor fatigue with highly personalized campaigns and premiums. We’ll help you make use of Personalized URL (pURL) campaigns to send a personal message to each and every recipient. Then we’ll add a personalized premium that the donor creates themselves to thank them for their gift. All on-line and automatic! With access to some of the most advanced technology and expertise in the market, Fusion will help you meet or exceed your fund-raising goals.

Data Driven Campaigns

If you could have a conversation with every prospect, would you say the same thing to them? At Fusion, we use data-driven applications to develop an effective message to your various types of donors: the “Lybunts,” “Sybunts” and “Nevergivers.” Fusion understands your challenges and we address them with custom solutions. Contact us today!

Associations and Member Organizations

Member communications is the lifeblood of most Associations. Membership renewals, new member kits and personalized membership cards are our specialty. Whether you’re communicating on paper, electronically or a combination of the two, Fusion covers all of your member communication needs.

NEW! Self-Opening Video Email Campaigns “V-Wizard” spreads your engaging message and reports success rates. [MORE]

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