Marketing for Manufacturers:
Get the results you need to measure up.

Are your marketing campaigns measuring up to company objectives and Key Performance Indicators? Are you craving real-time campaign reporting- without having to beg your IT department for a solution? We can help.

If you want to:

  • Reduce your cost of sales
  • Improve your time-to-market
  • Refine your database
  • Measure campaign results
  • Improve campaign effectiveness

Then you need Fusion’s Cross Media Marketing.

Today’s marketing professionals need to make the most of their marketing spend. Cross media is a powerful tool to add to your arsenal, because it solves the need to leverage your data to speak meaningfully and personally with your customer.

Cross Media Marketing from Fusion will even help you refine your message, because it invites the customer to tell you about their needs and preferences. And our real time, industry leading dashboard reports give you immediate, deep insight into your campaigns effectiveness.

Fusion Cross Media Marketing:
We’ll do the heavy lifting.

Supporting Your Sales Network

Many manufacturers sell their product through a Direct Sales force and/or Dealer network, or “sales channel.” One of the first challenges is to engage dealers in promoting your product vs. your competitor’s. At Fusion, we understand that Dealers need sales tools and collateral from you to support their retail sales efforts.

Fusion has many solutions that make it easy for you to support your Direct Sales force or Dealer network:

Ready-made cross media campaigns: We make it easy for you to conduct a targeted cross channel campaign, with your own Direct customer or Dealer list. If needed, we also provide lists.
Customized Sales Collateral: We make it easy for your Sales Reps or Dealers to order it on-line and customized with their logo and information.
On-line sales videos: Using our powerful V-Wizard product (see below) you can provide your target audience with an engaging video message about your product, which can be easily delivered to customers or Sales Reps via email.

Fusion can help you and your Dealers sell more of your products and reduce your cost per sale.

Get Closer to the End Customer

The second challenge for manufacturers is to gain visibility into the needs of the end customer. Without knowing what customers want, or when they are ready to buy, manufacturers are operating with a “cloudy crystal ball” when it comes to anticipating needs and demand.

We’ve solved the problem of the cloudy crystal ball.

Fusion provides Cross Media Marketing campaigns that are designed to engage end customers in an on-going dialogue so that your brand is front and center when they are ready to buy. This is not a single touch campaign, but a series of touch points which make use of highly targeted and personalized URLs and landing pages, email, and on-line surveys which provide valuable insight into customer needs and readiness to buy.

And the beauty of it is the Dealer does not have to be technology-savvy or even marketing-savvy to use these tools which promote your brand. Dealers are given access to Cross Media Marketing campaigns designed by you, which can then be customized, and you collect the warm leads that are generated. You also collect the end customer information, giving you insight into needs and buying criteria.

The result? More market share, visibility to the sales pipeline, and improved knowledge of end customer needs.

Manufacturer benefits of Cross Media Marketing:

  • It makes it easy for channel partners to promote your brand above all others.
  • Channel partners become more engaged because it is easy and results in warm leads.
  • The manufacturer gets a custom web portal that is designed around their brand- with little or no involvement from their IT department. This makes it quick and easy to implement.
  • Marketing maintains control over their brand and messaging.
  • Manufacturers enjoy improved time-to-market for new products, services and special promotions.
  • Marketing can accomplish more, with fewer resources.

Benefits to the Channel Partner:

  • Channel partners get warm, qualified leads which allow them to sell based on specific customer’s needs.
  • They get ready-made promotions and campaigns which do more than promote a product: it allows them to begin an on-line dialogue with their customers.
  • They have access to the ordering portal 24/7 to run promotions or sell their products of choice.
  • Channel partners have the flexibility to customize and order marketing materials.

Well-executed multi-channel marketing campaigns generate a sales lift of 7-34% versus traditional marketing approaches.

(Internet Advertising Bureau) Want to learn more? Contact us today for a free consultation!

Convey Your Message Quickly with Self-Opening Video Email Campaigns “V-Wizard”

Fusion offers an exciting new technology to get your message across to customers or dealers, called V-Wizard. V-Wizard enables you to educate, train and send new product messages in an affordable, engaging video. What’s more, your video is embedded in the email, and it opens automatically just like a regular text mail. No lengthy downloads! Other advantages of V-Wizard:

  • View Rates 50-100% higher than text emails
  • Twice the numbers of calls to action
  • Power to track data such as “who” viewed, “how long” viewed and “who/when forwarded”
  • And MANY MORE advanced features

With V-Wizard, you now have the unprecedented ability to track your communications and quickly seize the opportunity to change your campaign on the fly.

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